What is SterlingSilverVenue?

Welcome to SterlingSilverVenue! My name is Rishabh Jain and I am the founder of SterlingSilverVenue. This is the place to find all types of high quality sterling silver jewelry. I started this website to share my passion for jewelry making with rest of the world.
I previously had an Etsy store, where in just one year I got more than three thousand sales and 700+ reviews! However, I wanted a website of my own and to be independent and I couldn't do it while selling on Etsy. I was very happy with the work I was getting on Etsy, but the thought of my own website was always a dream for me, so I closed my Etsy shop and started this website.

With SterlingSilverVenue, I hope to showcase the very best sterling silver jewelry with only the highest quality of gemstones.

I also take custom orders, so if you have any specific design in mind, just contact me and I will create it especially for you.
SterlingSilverVenue is all about passion and hard work.